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Chinese National Team Training Facility

In 2018, we were approached by the Chinese national team, to leave the project in designing a dryslope training facility from airbag design to complete ramp layout. The facility was to be built for both advanced riders as well as beginners just learning to jump. It was an extremely challenging project as the timelines were tight and the space was inside their already constructed inflated dome was extremely limited both in length, width and height. Facility was to include a snowboard run with a rail line and 4 jumps, 2 medium and 2 small jumps using conveyor belt lifts for high throughput. Progression airbags was put in a leading role in the facility development, responsible for:

  • Dry slope facility scaffold and ramp layout
  • Supply and Installation of 4 custom designed airbags
  • DrySlope supply and installation
  • Sprinkler system design
  • Construction management

The facility was completed on time, and on budget and as per the photos and videos below, you’ll results are quite spectacular. The facility in Nanjing is truly one-of-a-kind.