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Dryslope Facility Accessories

We provide you with everything you need to start your dryslope training facility, under one roof. We have the expertise to guide you through the facility planning process through to product delivery, installation, and maintenance.

Drop In Light System

Ensuring safety at your training facility while minimizing cost is paramount to success. The drop in light system eliminates the need for an extra employee to give the “all clear” that the airbag is free for use. Riders exiting the airbag, press a button to trigger the “all clear” green light located at the drop in, letting the next rider know it’s safe to drop in.

Rop Tow / Magic Carpet System

Why hike up when you can ride up? New technology provided by TowPro has created portable tow rope systems that can be set up quickly and easily. In combination with the rope tow system, we can also provide dryslope material specifically designed for the rope tow.

Seamless Sprinkler System

To make sure your dryslope runs fast and smooth, the sprinkler system we provide fits seamlessly within the dryslope bristles, activating periodically, and maximizing water efficiency and misting requirements.

Water Recycling System

In locations where water supply is limited and to be environmentally friendly, a water recycling system can be custom-built to create a water reservoir at the bottom that collects water from the sprinklers and recycles it by pumping it back up to the top of the slope for reuse.

Video Analysys System

What training facility is complete without video analysis? We can build you a custom video review booth to allow athletes to watch their tricks from multiple angles immediately after getting off the bag helping them to accelerate their progression.


For purchase and rental pricing please contact us directly for a custom quote tailored to your individual requirements.

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