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AirPit Bag
Lightweight, compact and quick and easy to set up, The AirPit Bag is a versatile multidisciplinary airbag.
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The AirPit Bag

Set it up anywhere! Lightweight, compact and quick and easy to set up, the AirPit Bag is a multidisciplinary airbag which is a great fit for trampoline parks, tubing jumps, mountain biking / BMX or high fall adventure parks.

Fast Set Up

The AirPit Bag requires no more than 2 people to set up and can be up and ready to use within minutes. Pack up the bag and had to your jump site. Unload, unroll, inflate, and go!

Compact Sizing

No matter the size, the AirPit Bag folds and rolls up into a compact unit, and can easily fit into the trunk of your car transported wherever you need.

Set Up Anywhere

The AirPit Bag in gives you the flexibility of taking the set up wherever and whenever. Set it up outside in your adventure Park, for your bike jump, rock-climbing set up or inside for your trampoline park facility. The uses for the AirPit Bag are endless.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We take pride in producing the highest quality inflatables on the planet. All at a price guaranteed lower than our competitors.

AirPit Bag vs. Foam Pit

Why The AirPit Bag is superior to a standard foam pit.

Low Maintenance Costs

The PAB AirPit Bags are low maintenance and with proper care last 8-10 years.

Foam pits, however, require high maintenance that can cost time, energy and money.

  • Removing foam blocks to allow them to decompress and get washed – monthly
  • Replacing the foam blocks as they deteriorate and become unsanitary – annually


In ideal conditions, foam pits are a great solution for impact absorption. However, without proper pit design or proper maintenance, the impact absorption can deteriorate significantly. This can be extremely dangerous leading to serious injuries or even fatalities.


All those tiny holes in the foam block that make it so soft also causes it to absorb everything it comes into contact with: dust, dirt, debris, bacteria and human sweat. As a result, the blocks require regular cleaning. You have no such problem with the AirPit Bag.

Chemical Free

Foam blocks contain harmful flame retardant chemicals. This becomes a serious health concern as degradation of these blocks can create dust particles that get inhaled.

Jump Frequency

Escaping from a foam pit can be exhausting, time-consuming and even scary experience for small children. This isn’t a problem with The AirPit bag, which can significantly increase jumps per minute.


Generally speaking, foam pits aren't pretty to look at. They can even look dirty. Furthermore, you can’t brand a foam pit. The airbag looks neat and tidy and creates a beautiful branding piece in the middle of your facility that works great for advertising pictures!


Impact Absorption

The AirPit Bag has multiple air pillars packed tightly together allow impacts to be absorbed locally.

Fully Replaceable Parts

Wear and tear is no issue with the The AirPit Bag. All parts are fully replaceable providing long-term durability.

Custom Branding

With fully replaceable side banners and top sheet, we can produce any custom branding requirements.

Airbag & Topsheet Material

Produced in Canada and the US, our materials are CE certified, ultra-durable and tear-resistant. The topsheet material makes use of the industry’s slickest top-coating allowing riders to land and ride away smoothly without sticking.

Load Tested Aigbag Anchors

Safety is the highest priority in all our products. To best secure our airbags, and future-proof them against the elements, we use airbag anchors custom designed by our in-house engineers to have the highest safety rating. They are reinforced and tested to meet and or exceed a minimum safety required safety factors.

Air Releases & Inlets

Several air releases around the PAB allow for impact softness adjustment. The flexible inflation tubes allow you to choose from different inflation locations.

Premium Strength, Reinforced Stitching

All our products are designed to feature premium strength, reinforced stitching where you need it most to make your PAB supremely durable for years of repetitive impact.

Operation Manual

We provide a concise operation manual that details setup, daily checklists and online damage reporting system, so you can maintain your Progression Airbags equipment to the highest safety standards.

Certifications & Warranty

Quality control manufacturing with ISO 9001 certification

• CE certified for safety and quality
• Two-year warranty


Size Options

Dimensions start at 4 m x 4 m / 13′ x 13′ and custom-built to your specifications.

Included With Purchase

  • Installation, Operations Training & Certification
  • Removable & Replaceable Topsheet
  • Multiple Air Blowers (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Repair kit
  • Engineered Anchors (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Choice of Standard Colours

Branding Options

  • Custom Branding wrap (fully branded with custom graphics)
  • Standard branding wrap for UV protection (with standard colours)
  • Custom branding


For purchase and rental pricing please contact us directly for a custom quote tailored to your individual requirements.