Slide Jumps We customize the jumps according to the airtime and trajectory specifications you are looking for. Dryslope We can help you design your dry slope facility to meet your budget from start to finish. DriSnow We provide the most realistic dry slope material on the market. Topsheet A single piece topsheet made from the slickest most durable materials available, designed for easy and quick installation. Engineered
Anchors engineered and tested ensure safe installation is achieved in all weather conditions. Anchors engineered and tested ensure safe installation is achieved in all weather conditions.
Air Blowers Flexible air blower positioning. Air Blowers can be installed from multiple points around the airbag. Stopper
Ensures that riders come to a complete stop before the end of the bag.
Guardrails Our guardrails provide additional structural support to each side of the airbag ensuring that riders stay on the airbag surface. progression airbags superior design airbag 2 Superior
With over 15 years of experience in designing and testing, our products are engineered to outlast. progression airbags superior design airbag bg SCROLL DOWN
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progression airbags the PAB landing airbag

The PAB Landing Bag

The PAB Landing Bag is a cutting-edge landing airbag designed for progressive freestyle training in action sports. With its advanced technology, it offers maximum safety and support for athletes to push their limits. The PAB Landing Bag sets a new standard for airbag technology and is the go-to choice for professionals and trainers.

Proven Design

Having already produced and installed more than 12 landing airbags internationally, our airbags include critical design features that only years of experience can teach you. With more than twice as many landing bags and operation than any other company, why risk choosing a company with less experience?

Softest Landing

Time and time again, customer seek us out as their number one choice for their landing airbag supplier because our airbags provide softer landing than our competitors. From the very start, our design was built around an internal structure that would provide a flat landing shape with a powder soft landing.

Ride Away

With our internal design structure, the flat landing surface combined with the soft impact landing provides riders the opportunity to actually stick their tricks on their board and ride away on a perfect landing. This teaches riders to aim for that perfect flat base and control landing, ideal for on competition level snow landing consistency.

Easiest Installation

Our entire multi-piece airbag design is built around performance and ease of operator installation and removal. Having learned from early designs, our latest designs incorporate multiple features to allow for ease of installation and removal no matter the challenges of your particular airbag site.

Multisport / Customizable Options

Our landing bag can be customized to allow for ride out transition back to ground so the bag can also be used for mountain biking or BMX if desired.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We take pride in producing the highest quality inflatable’s on the planet. All at a price guaranteed lower than our competitors.

Primary Features of the PAB Landing Bag

Advanced Design

Each Pro-AB model is designed to meet a very specific set of airtime requirements. We analyze the range of potential projectile paths for the size of jumps you are planning for your facility and work backwards to determine the required dimensions of the Pro-AB to produce a smooth and safe landing.


The Pro-AB has an independently inflated perimeter which acts as a guardrail to keep all riders safely on the landing surface with additional support for riders landing near the edge. The added safety of the guardrail entices bigger tricks while limiting the Pro-AB size and costs.

Branding Wrap

Airbag comes with a Velcro removable banner system that allows you to completely customize your graphics at any time. The addition of the branding wrap also provides UV protection, extending the lifetime of your PAB product.

Stopper Guard

At the end of the landing slope there is a rider height independently inflated stopping guard barrier to ensure riders safely come to a complete stop at the bottom of the Pro-AB.

Ride-out OR Slide-out

Have the option of changing the end of the bag to allow for ride off onto the ground for use with biking. Or have the option to change the end of the bag with no stopper for a direct slide off for faster throughput.

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Secondary Features

Airbag & Topsheet Material

Produced in Canada and the US, our materials are CE certified, ultra-durable and tear-resistant. The topsheet material makes use of the industry’s slickest top-coating allowing riders to land and ride away smoothly without sticking.

Load Tested Aigbag Anchors

Safety is the highest priority in all our products. To best secure our airbags, and future-proof them against the elements, we use airbag anchors custom designed by our in-house engineers to have the highest safety rating. They are reinforced and tested to meet and or exceed a minimum safety required safety factors.

Air Releases & Inlets

Several air releases around the PAB allow for impact softness adjustment. The flexible inflation tubes allow you to choose from different inflation locations.

Premium Strength, Reinforced Stitching

All our products are designed to feature premium strength, reinforced stitching where you need it most to make your PAB supremely durable for years of repetitive impact.

Operation Manual

We provide a concise operation manual that details setup, daily checklists and online damage reporting system, so you can maintain your Progression Airbags equipment to the highest safety standards.

Certifications & Warranty

Quality control manufacturing with ISO 9001 certification

• CE certified for safety and quality
• Two-year warranty

360° View

progression airbags the PAB landing airbag


Size Options

PAB 24

Airbag Dimensions (W x L): 24m x 56m / 80′ x 185′
Jump Dimensions: 45’– 65′ / 13m – 20m
Total Jumps: 2

PAB 21

Airbag Dimensions (W x L): 21m x 52m / 68′ x 170′
Jump Dimensions: 35′ – 55′ / 11m – 17m
Total Jumps: 2

PAB 19

Airbag Dimensions (W x L): 18m x 48m / 60′ x 157′
Jump Dimensions: 30′ – 45′ / 9m – 14m
Total Jumps: 1

PAB 16

Airbag Dimensions (W x L):15m x 38m / 50′ x 125′
Jump Dimensions: 25′ – 40′ / 8m – 12m
Total Jumps: 1

PAB 13

Airbag Dimensions (W x L): 13m x 28m
Jump Dimensions: 15′ – 25′ / 5m – 8m
Total Jumps: 1

Included With Purchase

  • Installation, Operations Training & Certification
  • Second Year Maintenance, Operations Training Seminar & Certification
  • Removable & Replaceable Topsheet
  • Multiple Air Blowers (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Repair kit
  • Engineered Anchors (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Choice of Standard Colour

Branding Options

  • Custom branding wrap (fully branded with custom graphics)
  • Standard branding wrap for UV protection (with standard colors)
  • Custom branding


For purchase and rental pricing please contact us directly for a custom quote tailored to your individual requirements.