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The AcroBag, designed by PAB for progressive freestyle and stunt training, is the most advanced of it’s kind. SCROLL DOWN
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The AcroBag Stunt Airbag

The AcroBag, designed by PAB for progressive freestyle and stunt training, is the most advanced of it’s kind.

Fast Set Up

The AcroBag stunt airbag requires no more than 4 – 5 people to set up and can be up and ready to use in approximately 60 minutes. Pack up the bag onto your trailer and head to your jump site. Unload, unroll, inflate and go!

Multi-Sport Use

The AcroBag is the Swiss Army knife of airbags. Designed for multisport use, whether it’s for skiing/snowboarding, biking/BMX, FMX, free drop/high fall, the AcroBag has got you covered.

Classic Design

It is the most classic airbag on the market and has been the industry leader for safe training in any sport since the beginning.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We take pride in producing the highest quality inflatables on the planet. All at a price guaranteed lower than our competitors.

Primary Features

Impact Absorption

Using the double chamber system, the top chamber is equipped with an easy to use air release allowing you to directly control the impact softness, while the bottom provides the safety zone to ensure no impact ever reaches the ground.


The AcroBag has an independently inflated perimeter which acts as a guardrail to keep all riders safely on the landing surface.

Branding Wrap

Airbag comes with a Velcro removable banner system that allows you to completely customize your graphics at any time. The addition of the branding wrap also provides UV protection, extending the lifetime of your PAB product.

360° View

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Secondary Features

Airbag & Topsheet Material

Produced in Canada and the US, our materials are CE certified, ultra-durable and tear-resistant. The topsheet material makes use of the industry’s slickest top-coating allowing riders to land and ride away smoothly without sticking.

Load Tested Airbag Anchors

Safety is the highest priority in all our products. To best secure our airbags, and future-proof them against the elements, we use airbag anchors custom designed by our in-house engineers to have the highest safety rating. They are reinforced and tested to meet and or exceed a minimum safety required safety factors.

Air Releases & Inlets

Several air releases around the PAB allow for impact softness adjustment. The flexible inflation tubes allow you to choose from different inflation locations. This makes for a portable airbag, perfect for stunts.

Premium Strength, Reinforced Stitching

All our products are designed to feature premium strength, reinforced stitching where you need it most to make your PAB supremely durable for years of repetitive impact.

Operations Manual

We provide a concise operations manual that details setup, daily checklists and online damage reporting system, so you can maintain your Progression Airbags equipment to the highest safety standards.

Certifications & Warranty

Quality control manufacturing with ISO 9001 certification

• CE certified for safety and quality
• Two-year warranty


Size Options


Airbag Dimensions (W x L x H): 20 m x 20 m x 4 m / 66′ x 66′ x 12′


Airbag Dimensions (W x L x H): 15 m x 15 m x 3.5 m / 50′ x 50′ x 12′


Airbag Dimensions (W x L x H): 10 m x 10 m x 3.5 m / 33′ x 33′ x 12′


Airbag Dimensions (W x L x H): 15 m x 10 m x 3.5 m / 50′ x 33′ x 12′

*Second Hand Model Available – Inquire for Pricing

Included With Purchase

  • Installation, Operations Training & Certification
  • Removable & Replaceable Topsheet
  • Multiple Air Blowers (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Repair kit
  • Engineered Anchors (quantity depends on bag size)
  • Choice of Standard Colour

Branding Options

  • Custom branding wrap (fully branded with custom graphics)
  • Standard branding wrap for UV protection (with standard colours)
  • Custom branding

Pricing (stunt airbag cost)

For purchase and rental pricing please contact us directly for a custom quote tailored to your individual requirements.