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IMaximise Snowboard Training Facility

In 2015, we partnered with Max Henault, the owner of Maximise snowboard and ski training facility in Québec Canada, to deliver the first landing airbag training facility in North America! Max had already developed his backyard property into an impressive winter training facility, featuring a rope tow, world-class rail line and jumps, including a 50-foot table for high-end trickery. Progression Airbags proved to be the perfect partner to realize the next progressive stage of his projects evolution by providing:

  • Airbag installation and operations training
  • Earthworks plans for the dryslope ramp airbag positioning and installation
  • Dryslope ramp size and design
  • Custom airbag design
  • Ongoing airbag maintenance and support

The partnership between Progression Airbags and IMaximise Snowboard Training Facility has continued to flourish over the years. In addition to providing the first landing airbag training facility in North America, Progression Airbags has also worked with Max and his team to develop other innovative training solutions. These include an indoor airbag setup for year-round training, as well as custom-designed features that allow athletes to train for specific events, such as slopestyle and big air competitions. The Maximise training facility has become a go-to destination for professional snowboarders and skiers from around the world, who come to train and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment.


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