PAB Landing Airbag

The revolutionary landing airbag design by PAB is the most advanced airbag in the world for progressive freestyle training.

As designers of the original landing airbag in 2008, our newest product creates the most realistic training environment possible. Comprised of multiple airbags connected to form a single bag, the PAB landing airbag is the biggest of its kind. Designed with both riders and operators in mind, the bag creates the safest and softest landing surface allowing riders the ability to ride out if they land their trick or safely absorb their impact if they bail.

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Primary use:
Skiing and snowboarding
Skate Secondary use:
Mountain bike
Note: The PAB landing airbag model is specifically for skiing and snowboarding with the stopper airbag to stop the riders at the end of the bag. However, the airbag can be adapted with a ride off extension at the end of the bag to replace the stopper airbag.