Used Airbags

Interested in one of our PAB's, but looking for one at a discount? Below is a selection of our used FMX landing airbags available for-sale. Please inquire within for further information and pricing about each bag.


This PAB-19, which is ~18m x 48m, was produced by us in 2018, and has been used on the Whistler glacier for 7 weeks over 2 Momentum ski and snowboard summer camps. This airbag comes complete with a used topsheet and the full graphics light blue PAB wrap. The color of the airbag underneath the wrap is red. Please inquire within for more information and current pricing.

PAB-13 (Brand-New)

We've got a brand-new PAB 13 available that comes with its own custom wrap branding. Never used. Still sitting in the factory waiting to be purchased. See our PAB product page for further details.

AcroBag AB-10x15

This ``like new`` AcroBag AB-10x15 (10m x 15m x 3.5m / 33’ x 50’ x 11.5') was used in the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics (Paralympics) where Aaron ``Wheelz`` Fotheringham did a 20m long wheelchair front flip off of Bob Burnquist's mega ramp into your new AcroBag. It was used since a few more weeks by ski camps & for movies stunts.

Used FMX Landing Airbags Pricing

For purchase and rental pricing please contact us directly for a custom quote tailored to your individual requirements.

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