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Utah Olympic Park Training Facility

In 2016, we were approached by Jeremy Forester, the head coach at US and snowboard Association (USSA), to provide airbag technology for their summer dryslope training facility, in Utah Olympic Park (UOP). They had already approached other major airbag companies for the project, but chose Progression Airbags as the best, most cost-effective solution to provide airbags and support for their dryslope and airbag site plan. As part of the project, we deliver the following:

  • Support for Earthworks plans for the dryslope ramp airbag positioning and installation
  • Custom airbag design
  • Airbag installation and operations training
  • Ongoing airbag maintenance and support
Using JF DrySki for their dryslope surface, and an XL PAB landing bag, UOP is now one of the premier summer training facilities in the world.